are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty outvalues all the utilities of the world.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson


The people who make it possible. No touchie the staff pay if it's not yours. :p

Rahenna - owner/manager/stuff :p

Weekly staff pay. :D

Rahenna: blackrhinoceros12, cacao07, forests12, kingprotea15, moonstone06, redpanda08, redpanda14, redpanda19, silver13, solareclipses04, strawcoloredfruitbats04, threetoedsloth09, 1 air orb, 1 earth orb, 1 fire orb, 1 medium star, 1 small star

Marfisa - Rahenna's slave :p

Weekly staff pay. :D

Marfisa: aurorae15, blackrhinoceros04, pomegranate15, rain11, redpanda14, redpanda19, 2 air orbs, 1 large star

card makers

Take these rewards for every deck made. +1 card from each deck made!
Staffed by: Ajisaitea & Rahenna

deck making: coal14, labreatarpits14, 1 air orb

all other staff

Weekly pay for all positions. Some may be adjusted as the game goes on to reflect the amount of activity your area generates. :3 Don't hesitate to contact me if you feel that your staff pay is too low!

- Natural Wonders Shop - give out purchased items - Angel
- Star Charts - check completion and give rewards - Ajisaitea & Gosia
- Elemental Exchange - give choice cards as requested - Angelrose & Maxanda
- Stamp Cards - check trade logs and give out rewards - Cici & Pixeluna
- Card Swap - swap out cards in main post and give out the requested cards - Angelrose & Saya
- Group Collect - add cards to main post and give rewards - Lauchis & Sujini

weekly staff pay: cherries16, eggplant01, flamboyant07, gold10, redcampion06, 1 air orb