are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty outvalues all the utilities of the world.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson


Everything you need to know in order to have fun at Elements. :D Just remember, you don't have to memorize this stuff. It's always here for your reference, and it's also repeated in various places. For example, the level chart is also on the level up form for easy reference. :)


Cards are the heart of any TCG. Your goal is to complete sets of cards by finding them in games or trading with other members to get what you want.

about Elements' cards
- All cards feature some aspect of nature.
- They come in decks (or sets) of 20 cards each.
- All cards are regular and worth one toward your card count.



The elements work together in sets of four. :D Elements are found in some game prizes, level up rewards, and mastery rewards. Trade them in at the Elemental Exchange!

You will receive one choice card if you gather:
- SAME four elements of the same type
- SET one of each element

important! You cannot trade elements with other members!


Use stars to complete Star Charts and earn rewards! You get your zodiac's chart when joining, and more charts can be purchased from the Natural Wonders shop.

important! You cannot trade stars with other members!



When there are special happenings at Elements, a milestone badge is created. They can be used as a choice card coupon by filling out the form! Keep the badge too... just make a note to yourself that it's been used.


Collect more cards to increase your level. It's your ranking in the TCG. :)

The levels in Elements are based on the seven planetary metals of classical alchemy.
Why? Because alchemy is cool. :D

level card value level card value
Lead 0-250 Copper 1501-2000
Mercury 251-500 Silver 2001-3000
Tin 501-1000 Gold 3001+
Iron 1001-1500    

Each level up earns:
- seven random regular cards
- three choice regular cards
- three random elements

You can claim these rewards by filling out the Level Up Form.


When you collect all of the cards in a set, you are considered a master of that set. But remember: once you complete a set and collect your mastery reward, you can't trade it away! That would break up the set and you wouldn't be a master. Makes sense, right?

Each mastery earns:
- two random regular cards
- two choice regular cards
- one random element

You can claim these rewards by filling out the Mastery Form.