are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty outvalues all the utilities of the world.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

star charts

There's a whole universe out there we have yet to explore... but we will need help from our members here at Elements to finish off these charts. When completing games, you may find some lost stars.

To use them, you'll need to buy a star chart from the Natural Wonders Shop. Then fill in all the missing stars from a constellation and we will be happy to reward you! :D


1. You can only complete each star chart once!
2. You cannot trade stars with other members.
3. Each chart is worth a different amount based on the number of stars, not their magnitudes.
4. Each chart tells you how many stars of each type you need. 1/1/2 means that you need 1 large star, 1 medium star and 2 small stars to complete it.

Completed a chart? Come to the Star Charts forum to claim your prizes!


Once you've completed a star chart, here's what you can get for turning it in. :3

# of stars prize
3 1 choice card
4 1 choice card, 2 random elements
5 1 choice card, 4 random elements
6 2 choice cards
7 2 choice cards, 2 random elements
8 2 choice cards, 4 random elements

constellations with missing stars...

Do not take any charts from this section! You must purchase the charts from the Natural Wonders Shop. Not all charts will be available in the shop at all times, so watch for new items each month! :3

hint! Add a 2 to the end of the constellation's name to show the starry version instead. :D

For example, orion and orion2:


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