are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty outvalues all the utilities of the world.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson


Stuff to do.

weekly games

Please play these simple games once per calendar week.

Link Description
Recycle Bin find something nice!
Hangman guess the nature term
Slots match three & win
War beat the house!
Link Description
Wheel of Luck spin that wheel
Lucky Match got these, get more
Treasure Pile what's your favorite gem?
Freebies everyone's favorite :D

biweekly set one

last updated: December 15

Link Description
Puzzle A featuring plants and animals!
Science! what's the scientific name?
It's a Fact correct the error
Microscope what got under the lens this time?
Gemology do you know this stone?
Secret Code crack the code!

biweekly set two

last updated: December 22

Link Description
Puzzle B featuring weather and gems!
Stargazing identify the constellation
Weatherman what is this guy talking about?!
Smudged ugh, what should this say?
Inkblot is this image unrecognizable now...?
Fallen Phrases decode the quote!


last updated: December 15

Link Description
Puzzle Series you know what this is XD
Lost Mermaid where'd Orla go?
Bluebird wish upon the bluebird of happiness!
Card Swap trade for what you need forum
Group Collect finish that set! forum

special games

Elements' special ongoing activities. :3

Link Description
Member Cards info & gallery :3
Star Charts these charts are missing the stars...
Milestones marking special TCG happenings
Survey help me improve Elements :3 forum